samedi 24 janvier 2009

Wu Tang:WTF is this?

For this Blog,
I would like to screw and chop some underground cultures not famous in Europe.Sometimes
I share you that things which are important for me, for the next hype attitude which can beat really soon E.U. Since few months ago, I heard about a new style of dance which hits the north-east of united-states,and made by kids.


Wu-tang dance out of Philly aka.Philadelphia (Pennsylvania U.S).
SpongeBob, Wu-tang, D-mac, are performed to Baltimore music,
in Particular on Brick Bandits crew(dj sega,dj tim dola,etc...)'s productions.

I made some search about it this month.
This is a Philadelphia underground lifestyle where teens under 10years have inspired a population of New dancers . Dance takes all his signification in a battle. You do a circle of dancer in a party like break dancer. Face to face, in the circle, you need to do the best flow. And if you win you say to your adversary "I killed you". The people watching hype whoever they want to win by saying the name in a song. For instance your name is X and you say "ahahah get' em X. ahahah".

I think that this dance could beat our parties,with the influence of Mad decent.
Practise you!

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